Surfing, windsurfing, and other water sports for a fun girls day out

For a vacation with a difference book your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN COSTA DEL SOL on the east coast. This stretch of coastline covers some 54 kilometres starting from the east of Malaga city. The western coast of the Costa del Sol is far less developed than the eastern coast. The scenery on the eastern coast, which includes cliffs reaching some 200 metres in height, is more dramatic that the western one. With the eastern coast being less developed too, this indicates that what is there had been around for some time and is therefore more traditional.

Watersurfing and Skiing

Luxor is located in the southwest direction of Hurghada. While visiting the site you can explore some of the most important Egyptian sites. History lovers planning cheap Hurghada holidays always prefer to travel to Luxor. While roaming around the historical city, you would come across variety of monuments, tombs and temples. One of the most important temples in the city is the Karnak Temple. It is also known as Karnak Temple Complex as it consists of decayed temples, pylons and chapels.

South Padre Island has many other activities and adventures that appeal to travelers. Those with an interest in ecology might enjoy a visit to Sea Turtle Inc., a company dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of endangered wild sea turtles. Visitors can learn how and why dolphin researchers, at the SPI Dolphin Research and Nature Center, have been tracking dolphins over the past years. Something is always taking place or going on, at many locations on South Padre Island, and visitors rarely find the time to get bored.

The feature game artist can practice, for the occasion he or she can focus exclusively on one part of the design, for example, foundations. A foundation craftsman will verify that those playing the game have the capacity to feel just as they are really there? They will, for example, have the capacity to breath new life into a cell scene and submerge the player to the degree where they will feel just as they are really there. Character feature artists then again are in charge of making the characters in their full grandness. When you consider how regularly the characters of the feature games get to be renowned symbols who are imitated by a great many players, it is anything but difficult to see why their makers can get to be legends themselves.

Grand Bay Beach: This is one of the most famous beaches in this Island which entices many visitors from the every nook and corner of the world. This beach is located only 20 km from the Port Louis on the north of the island. The soft white sands, blue water are truly bliss for the swimmers. The other entertainment enjoyed by the tourists here are skiing, windsurfing and sailing. Night parties, restaurants and the stalls for shopping are other attractions enjoyed on the Grand bay beach. Mauritius is very famous for its world class beaches. Some of the beaches here which are worth to explore with any Mauritius holiday packages are Ile aux Cerfs Beach, Blue Bay Beach, Cap Malheureux Beach and Mont Choisy Beach.

A List of Different Types of Water Sports

One of the many reasons why Cyprus holidays are popular with so many tourists every year is because of the abundance of water sports available. There are so many activities for everyone to try regardless of whether you have never done water sports before or if you are a waterskiing champion. Some of the sports you can give a try include jet skiing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, parasailing, canoeing, kayaking and banana and tube rides.


Few hobbies better optimize the bells and whistles of a modern smartphone than surfing. Geography, climatic conditions, oceans, gear … all considerations at the fingertips of a smartphone-equipped surfer. An endless summer of quality surfing apps can dish up conditions for surfers across the globe. Quickly check surf forecasts, from your Android-enabled devices, and with a high degree of accuracy. In some regions, you can actually see the waves as they break.

Events are being planned up and down the country under the banner and with the assistance of National Windsurfing Week. This year they are also proud to support It is a new charity being formed to promote Cancer Awareness amongst fellow windsurfers. And through specific projects, raise funds for Cancer Research.

The first and most important question that is sure to strike the minds of a beginner about this sport is ?what is a surfboard?. To define surfboard, it can be stated as a long, narrow piece of wood that is either rounded at the ends or V cut or added with one or more fins to help you have a better surfing experience to remember for long. Though traditionally, surfboards were made of wood planks that were shaped rightly by professionals, nowadays these boards are available in various other materials also such as fiberglass, foam etc to provide you with better performing surfboard.

d Wadi Water Park: The Wild Wadi water park operated by Jumeirah International is located in Jumeirah, In Dubai City of UAE country. This is next to Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. This is outdoor water park, with heated/cooled wave pool, two artificial surfing machines and multiple water slides. This is largest water slide outside of North America along with 559 ft height waterfall. Some of master rides named are White Water Wadi, Hos’N Hurler, Wadi Basher, Flood River Flyer, Falaj Fury, Wadi Leap and Jebel Lookout.

How to Prepare Yourself Before Going for a Surfing Ride

Surfing is not just a game for fun, it is more. People are just crazy about surfing and more people are joining to this list. Everyone wants to get a maximum output from their surfing. You might also want to know how to give your 100% and get maximum result. If, so then this post is dedicated to you only. Here I will share some of the most important things you need to prepare before going for a surfing ride.

Preparation before surfing

Stay Fit and Ready

Surfing requires lots of physical strength so make sure in the perfect shape to face the power of waves. Go to the gym every day and work out there to keep yourself fit. Also maintain your food habit and consume only healthy foods and avoid all oily foods.

Surfing also a game of professional and you must know some techniques to move your surfing board in the sea. If you are not so much aware of such techniques, then better join any surfing school now.


Swimming is also a part of surfing and you must know swimming in order to land in the sea. Surfing is just not a game of craziness it is dangerous too. A wrong move can cause a big fall and then you have to swim to the shore. If you are not much confident about swimming, then join a good swimming class.

Give Some Rest to Your Brain

Surfing is just not a game of physical power, it also requires huge attention. For the attention you need to give proper rest to your body and mind. While surfing you have to keep your mind open to plan your move according to the sea wave. There are some basic things you may need to follow in order to get a better concentration power.


  • Do meditation– Meditation is a good way to exercise your brain. You can get a good mind exercise with just 1 hour of meditation. But you must know that meditation is not easy, there are some tricks you may need to know before going to a meditation.
  • Watch a Relaxing movie or listen to your favorite music– Movies and music is a good way to relax. Before going to the surfing make sure to watch any of your favorite movies to give some rest to your brain. There are some free movie streaming sites available where you can watch movies online free or you can download movies from the best site to download movies for free. I am sure after watching a good movie you will feel much better.
    Same thing applies to music also.
  • Go for an aimless ride– If you want to get peace to your mind, then just forget everything and go for an aimless riding inside your city and spend as much time as you can outside. Make sure to not think anything in the meantime, just enjoy the ride.

Get some good equipment for surfing

Surfing requires some of the important equipment and make sure you have everything ready with you before the surfing ride.

Choose a suitable place

After heading to the beach, you should look for a location where you can surf the wave. If you are a newbie then I would suggest you to select a place with small waves. And if you are experiencing one, then choose the wave which you are confident about.

Rock the Wave

Now you have everything with you. This time to rock the wave with your surfing board and making it special for your own surfing history. Just remember some important instruction before landing in the sea and you will rock the wave.

Let’s meet some Crazy Water Surfer from all around the World

Water surfing is one of the addicted games and people from all over the world are taking part in this game where they ride and give competition to the wave with a surfing board. You can find some crazy people doing surfing at your nearest sea beach. Mostly surfing means riding the wave with a surf board, but there are people who took this simple thing to a next level by their own thoughts, ideas and talents. So today in this article I am going to take you all on a trip to all around the world in the search of some crazy surfers who broke all the limits and boundaries with their surfing board.

Crazy surfer

#7. Ladder Surfer

A crazy surfer Michael Grendon from Cape Town, South Africa took the surfing to a next level of surfing the big wave with his ladder surfing board. In the year 2011 there was a competition in cape town about most stunning craft surfing where everyone uses their own talent to give a new look to the surfing board by adding some objects. But Michael added a ladder and surf the wave by riding on the ladder.

#6. Youngest Surfer

Surfing is not just limited to adults; there are children’s who is taking interest in surfing. One of the best examples is Jaylan Amor. He is just two years old, but he is able to surf like a pro. His dad is the motivator behind this crazy child.

#5. Acrobatic While Surfing

Riding a wave with a couple is not a new thing, but doing acrobat is is really a new thing. A couple from Kuhio Beach who did acrobatic while surfing the big wave. This is one of the best things done while surfing and the couple should get a standing ovation from us.

#4. A Crazy Llama

A crazy surfer named Domingo Pianezzi from Lima surfed a big wave with his very own alpaca, Pisco Llama. This is not the first time there are, many people who did this kind of things by taking their pet with them.

#3. An Armless Surfer

An organization called as Surf Dog Ricochet who gives training for dogs to surf the wave with style. One day they trained a dog to surf the wave with Sabine who was born with no arms. The training was success and dog successfully surfed with Sabine.

#2. Playing Violin while Surfing

There are people who did lots of things to get maximum enjoyment doing surfing,. One of the crazy surfer Nuno Santos from Portuguese who took the craziness to the next level by playing violin while surfing a big wave. He personally a violin player and a love surfing so he mixed them both and the result was just awesome.

#1. Surfing big Wave with Dirt Bike

I have no word for this guy. He is really a crazy surfer who broke all the limits and decided to surf the big wave with his dirt bike. An Australian stunt driver Robbie Maddison did this thing with his dirt bike and left everyone surprise. The scene of dirt bike surfing was just awesome. You can watch below in the video.

So, here is it guys. This was the 2nd article on Ocean o Pro and I hope you all had a great time here. If you guys have any information or any other weird things to show with us then you are welcome.

Be safe in the water and a Happy surfing to all of you guys.

The popular World Records for Surfing

Guinness book of world record is full of great achievements. There are some legendary in each field and something that happens for the first time. All those things have been recorded in the Guinness book of world record. The game of surfing also did some of things for the first time and no other did that again. This is the first article for this Ocean Pro website. So, let me make you proud today by sharing some of the popular world record that is made in the game of water surfing.


Let me start with a world of success in water surfing. The popular and legendary surfer Kelly Slater holds a world record for winning the most number of the Pro Surfing World Championship.

We all know that surfing game is all about a person. But a group of surfer made a world record by riding a surfing board at once and set the record for most people riding a single surfing board. According to the world record book there were 47 people who surfed a 39ft long board in the Australia.

There are many people who are crazy about surfing. One of the crazy people that I have ever seen is Donald Dettloff from USA. He owns a record for the largest collection of surfing boards. He has almost 647 different surfing boards in his residence in Hawaii.

Surfborad collections

One of the funny world records for surfing boards goes to a group of surfer from California USA. According to the Guinness book of world record, a group of surfer stacked most number of surfboards (more than 282) on a car. That’s not it, they also drove that car for more than 100ft.

In the month of October, there was a new world record by great surfer Kurtis Loftus in the beach of Florida. The Kurtis Loftus has owned a title for riding longest surfing marathon by surfing for 29 hours.

There are Many..

There are many world records has created by surfers and this shows the craziness of surfing. If you know any other surfing records then do let us know.